About us

The story begins…

It all started in 1981. Three friends met in the vibrant city center of Amsterdam.
Discussing life and business, it seemed they had one major “thing” in common: their love for flowers!
They were truly convinced to develop the best fertilizer in Europe through research, experimenting, testing and continuously fine tuning their secret formula.

The result? Van Goghs

A unique formula. One that is so much more than a fertilizer, it represents an invigorating lifestyle.
One that reflects the authentic Amsterdam way of growing.

The three friends named their secret formula after a well know Dutch celebrity, who knew best how to create colorful flowers.
Van Gogh’s Sower is here for you, to inspire and encourage you to grow the famous Dutch way!
Van Gogh’s iconic paintings gave us an original heritage and unique history.
Our products are like Van Gogh’s knowhow and paintings: one-of-a-kind and unique.

Developed in Amsterdam, where people from all over the world meet and enjoy what it has to offer. Visitors see and experience themselves where our story began.
Amsterdam is where high quality merchandise has been traded for centuries, combined with precious moments and experiences.

Where Dutch history meets the extraordinary growing experience

Van Gogh’s Fertilizer lab is centrally located in the heart of Amsterdam’s City Center.
Referring to the Dutch growing heritage in Amsterdam.

We are a group of friends who believe the best way to share our insight, is to put our products rapidly in customers hands.

What started with a coincidental meeting in Amsterdam, resulted in high quality products.

Van Gogh’s Fertilizers invites you to become an original Sower and become part of the real Amsterdam experience. Try Van Goghs products now!

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